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These jeans are engineered to fit perfectly off the rack, and inspire you to move more with 4-way stretch, superior construction, and a 365 day guarantee.

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Motivate yourself to move more. Our flagship athletic fit denim is so comfortable - you could run a marathon in 'em. Not that you should, but hey, when adventure comes calling you'll be ready.

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Womens Jeans

Love the skin you're in. Built to hug in all the right places, our jeans get rid of the waist gap, flatter your waist, and keep you comfy and moving no matter what your day demands.

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Our best selling joggers are engineered to keep you motivated, moving, and loving the body that lets you work hard.

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Womens Joggers
High waisted. Flattering fit. Our joggers help you feel great about the body you're in. Stay motivated. Stay moving.
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Mens Joggers
These joggers will have you looking for an excuse to run, jump, and lift. With our premium Flextek fabric, they fit perfectly off the rack, and are engineered to handle anything you throw at them.
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Dress Shirts

Office approved style engineered with gym level comfort. Our best selling dress shirts are comfier than your favorite work out gear.

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Sports Bras

Designed to hug you in all the right places, while maximizing comfort as you go through your day.

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Workout Shorts

Built to transition seamlessly for whatever your day demands. Our shorts are perfect for all areas of training.

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Designed to support your toughest workouts in comfort & style with our Form Supporting Flektek™ fabric.

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Your body is a work of art, and your body is unique. Training, running, weightlifting, yoga—whichever and whatever you choose to do
in the active lifestyle you’ve dedicated to relentlessly pursuing goals and living better. Yet, much active lifestyle clothing can turn into restrictive, unwearable, and uncomfortable apparel as many athletic designs simply aren’t inclusive to diverse body shapes.    

Inspired by a team of active weightlifters, sports fanatics, rock climbers, and all-around active friends who were just as frustrated with the market's lack of diversity, Barbell was born. It started with an idea for high-performance, ultra-comfortable athletic jeans to fit bulky calves, quads, glutes, and other body shapes and turned into one of the most successful Kickstarters of all time.    

We didn’t stop there. Featured in national as well as international news around the globe for premium denim that moves with your body, we continued to push ourselves. Our innovative workout apparel branched out to include one of the more diverse lines of active lifestyle apparel that is changing the course of workout clothes today.    

Workout apparel and clothing should be better, and we’re here to revolutionize the industry. One of the many reasons we’ve become America's most beloved athletic jeans and workout apparel brands is because of how much we care about the details. Athletic apparel should always look as good as they feel, with meticulous attention to fit, fabric, and design that provides for greater options and allows everyone to find the right style for them.  

 Our workout apparel is better than the rest because we know the demands of what active bodies need to wear to accomplish the goals they set out to crush. You train hard, and our clothing works harder to show it off. With fits engineered for all-day solutions for hard-working, adventure-loving people everywhere, you’re bound to find the perfect workout apparel you’ve been searching for.  

 Whether you are tired of struggling with jeans that never fit, or looking for today’s most functional, classy, and comfortable dress or workout clothes, Barbell is proud to offer superior fashion apparel just for you.